Why Passion is Important for Your Business

I used to think that anyone who went around telling people that, in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to turn your passion into a business was full of shit. I could always think of plenty of successful entrepreneurs whose businesses don’t fit that theory.

It seems slightly ridiculous to think that a gas station owner would be passionate about gas. Or that someone who owns a waste removal company would be passionate about waste. “Find something you love to do…” they said. I always thought those people were liars.

Then I started my own business, and I realized how wrong I was about that assumption. I was being too literal in how I processed that advice. 

A successful entrepreneur who owns a waste removal company may not be passionate about waste, but they’re certainly passionate about entrepreneurship, hard work, money or something related to that business.

After all the tough days and long nights that I’ve spent working on my...

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Your Spiritual Energy Can Help You Succeed

I’m not a religious person. At all. And don’t worry, I’m not about to talk about religion because 1) it’s such a polarizing topic, 2) it’s a matter of your own personal choice, and 3) that’s not why you’re here.

Although I’m not religious, I do strongly believe in nurturing a spiritual connection from within. I think it’s important that we all understand and are able to connect to spiritual energy or what I like to call, God energy—not to be confused with the God of any particular religion. 

Our spiritual energy is what binds our souls to our bodies. It’s the manifestation of pure love, and it exists in us and around us.

Whether you believe in a higher power or deity of any sort is of no consequence, because you still have spiritual, or God, energy inside of and around you. I believe it’s the unexplainable part of the human condition that allows us to transcend the unthinkable and to accomplish the...

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5 Ways to Develop Self-Discipline

Any level of great success requires focus that can’t be broken, routine that becomes second nature, and commitment that prioritizes your goals right up there with the things that are most important to you. That means that running your business and accomplishing those big goals you’ve set for yourself will require an extreme amount of self-discipline.

Mastering self-discipline is something that most people learn in the trenches of struggling for something they really want. It’s never learned when things come easy.

But are there ways you can develop self-discipline before things ever get tough? Absolutely.

Here are 5 ways you can develop self-discipline so that you’re able to see your vision through to the finish line.

Work out and eat healthy.

Working out and consuming a healthy diet are great ways to develop self-discipline. Doing this requires you to establish a routine that—when you stick to it long enough—becomes second nature. You can...

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Why Success Requires You to Be a Robot

I talk about mindset a lot on my podcast, Master Your Mission. I’ve said before that I think it’s the single most important factor to your success.

It’s the one thing that can either keep you locked in a state of fear and immobility or free you and allow you to go hard for your dreams. Your education can’t do that, money can’t do that, your circumstances can’t do that—nothing else has the kind of power over your life that your mindset has.

Your tenacity and ability to keep going through all the tough things you experience in life, are a result of your mindset. When your mindset is that you are fully committed, even when you’ve failed every day in the past and don’t know what tomorrow holds, you still get up and act on your wants and desires because you believe that someday something will be different.

When you have a mindset for success, your drive is unquestionable. Success driven people often operate with an, almost, robotic...

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Do You Believe You Can Manifest Success?

I believe that being a great entrepreneur and being a great person, in general, requires that we dig really deep and tap into the power that our brains hold to affect what we are, who we are, and what we accomplish in life. We know that the brain is powerful beyond what we even fully understand, and that science is continuously discovering things about how it works.

But is the brain powerful enough to will what we want to happen? Can we use our brains to manifest our own success in life?

According to The Law of Attraction, there is some scientific research that supports the idea that our thoughts directly affect the level of satisfaction we reach in life. But if we can manifest what we want by our thoughts, how do we do that?

In an article on their website, The Law of Attraction gives 5 steps to manifest anything you want in 24 hours or less. Here’s what they say you should do:

Step 1

Decide what you want to manifest. Be very specific and be sure that it’s something that...

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Perfectionism Is a Trap

In yesterday’s episode of my podcast, Master Your Mission, I talked about how misplaced ambition can lead to depression. Here’s a link to that episode if you’d like to listen.

 One of the ways misplaced ambition can lead to depression is when it is tied to perfectionism. First, let me explain what perfectionism is.

Perfectionism, as defined by Google Dictionary, is the refusal to accept any standard short of perfection. 

That may not sound so bad at first, but when perfection becomes the standard, it gets dangerous to your success and to your mental health.

In thinking of perfection, some rather obvious, but hard to answer, questions come to mind. What exactly is perfection and how does one achieve it? Is it a certain number of likes on social media? Is it making a certain amount of money or having a specific number of children in life? 

Perfection is really subjective. What’s perfect to you may not be perfect to me. And unfortunately, most...

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What If Money Won't Make You Happy?


Have you ever wanted something so bad that you convinced yourself that you wouldn’t be happy or complete until you got that thing? You’ve probably experienced that. I know I have.

I remember buying my first car. It was a blue 1996 Mercury Sable. I laugh thinking about it now, but I remember how happy and proud I was when I bought it. 

Prior to that, I had been driving a 1984 Ford Escort Pony that started and ran when it felt up to it. That Escort—which is a horrible name for a car, by the way—had one of those seat belts that automatically choked you across the chest as soon as you closed the door. It was an ugly beige color and I had to keep a bottle of anti-freeze in the trunk just in case it ran hot.

I really wanted a new car. I was tired of driving that Ford and having it break down on me in the middle of busy streets. I even recall that car stopping on the freeway once and being really creeped out by this weird guy pulling up on me asking...

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Are You Smarter Than a Baby?

Do you think you’re smarter than a baby? A newborn…you probably are. But what about a 1 year old? Maybe not so much.

At around one, babies have usually mastered the art of crawling and they begin to pull themselves up to stand on their tiny little feet. They wobble and sway because their little legs don’t have much strength and they haven’t gained full control of their motor skills.

So they grab onto things, pull themselves up, stand for a split second, then they fall on their butts. They do this over and over. Pull themselves up, stand, fall, pull themselves up, stand, and fall.

They keep doing it, unphased by the fact that they weren’t very good at standing the first 100 times. Eventually, they pull themselves up and all of a sudden, they’re standing long enough to take a step, but JUST long enough to take a step.

They fall right back on their butts, never losing focus on whatever they were attempting to walk to in the first place, so they...

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Why Failure Isn't Failure at All


I want to revisit a story I told a while back on my podcast, Master Your Mission. It’s about James Dyson, the founder and CEO of Dyson the vacuum cleaner company. 

Dyson failed, repeatedly, to build the vacuum cleaner that he dreamed of building and putting on the market—his signature G-Force vacuum cleaner. In fact, he failed 5,126 times. 

It was on the 5,127th time that he succeeded at building it. Even after he successfully created his prototype, he was rejected by every manufacturer and distributor in the UK, because they didn’t like his bagless design. 

It took him 15 years and almost his entire savings to develop his innovative vacuum cleaner, which is the best selling vacuum cleaner in the US— eventually making him a billionaire. Dyson said that each of the 5,126 failures taught him something new that led to his eventual success.

Now, James Dyson was way more committed to his dream than most of us will ever be. I’d argue...

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9 Steps to Creating Habits You Love


Most of the time when people hear the word “habit”, they think of something bad, but habits can be good, bad, and anywhere in between. Believe it or not, we each have an endless number of habits that we perform daily without even realizing we’re doing it. 

Have you ever thought about how many habits do you have? That’s probably a really hard question to answer because it’s likely that you have hundreds—maybe even thousands.

Think about it. From the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed, you repeat routine after routine after routine. For instance, the time you wake up every morning may be a habit. Listening to music as you get dressed may be a habit. The way you drink your coffee or eat your eggs may be a habit and on and on. Repeating those routines eventually forms habits. 

Studies have shown that it takes, on average, 66 days to form a habit. That means that if you repeat the same routine for 66 days...

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