Are You Smarter Than a Baby?

Do you think you’re smarter than a baby? A newborn…you probably are. But what about a 1 year old? Maybe not so much.

At around one, babies have usually mastered the art of crawling and they begin to pull themselves up to stand on their tiny little feet. They wobble and sway because their little legs don’t have much strength and they haven’t gained full control of their motor skills.

So they grab onto things, pull themselves up, stand for a split second, then they fall on their butts. They do this over and over. Pull themselves up, stand, fall, pull themselves up, stand, and fall.

They keep doing it, unphased by the fact that they weren’t very good at standing the first 100 times. Eventually, they pull themselves up and all of a sudden, they’re standing long enough to take a step, but JUST long enough to take a step.

They fall right back on their butts, never losing focus on whatever they were attempting to walk to in the first place, so they...

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