9 Steps to Creating Habits You Love


Most of the time when people hear the word “habit”, they think of something bad, but habits can be good, bad, and anywhere in between. Believe it or not, we each have an endless number of habits that we perform daily without even realizing we’re doing it. 

Have you ever thought about how many habits do you have? That’s probably a really hard question to answer because it’s likely that you have hundreds—maybe even thousands.

Think about it. From the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed, you repeat routine after routine after routine. For instance, the time you wake up every morning may be a habit. Listening to music as you get dressed may be a habit. The way you drink your coffee or eat your eggs may be a habit and on and on. Repeating those routines eventually forms habits. 

Studies have shown that it takes, on average, 66 days to form a habit. That means that if you repeat the same routine for 66 days...

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66 Days of Bold Action


In the last four months, I’ve recorded 130 episodes of my podcast, published 122 articles here, and grown my business in the process. This all began, for me, when I decided that I wanted to start a business encouraging others to pursue their dreams in life and in entrepreneurship.

I had thought and thought about how I could reach my audience and how I could use what I had to get what I want. I knew that social media would be a powerful tool in sharing my message, but I needed to do more than just post on social media. A few ideas kept coming up. They were vlogging on YouTube, starting a podcast, and writing a blog.

All three of those ideas horrified me. Although I had experience making money online—in dropshipping—I had no experience putting myself on the line and being the face of my business like I would have to in order to execute those ideas. For a few weeks, I told myself that I couldn’t do it.

When no one was looking, I would try to record...

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One Bold Action Per Day Finale


Today is a day of celebration for me. It’s almost hard to believe that, exactly 66 days ago, I decided that I would face down my fears and do the things that horrified me to do but that I knew would help me as an entrepreneur. 

Almost 10 weeks ago, I decided that I would challenge myself to take one bold action per day for 66 days. To qualify as a bold action, it had to be something that I was uncomfortable doing, moved me closer to my goals, and defied an irrational fear that I’ve allowed to hold me back in the past.

So I decided to start a podcast. My plan was to record an episode of the podcast every day for 66 days, with the hope that maybe I could get over my fear of putting myself out there, front and center, as the face of my business. In addition to hosting my podcast, I wanted to push myself even further by sharing my message on Instagram and Facebook. I chose 66 days after researching how habits are formed. I wanted to make taking bold action a...

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