6 Mistakes on Your Website That Might Cost You Sales & How to Fix Them


Making these 6 mistakes on your website can be costly for any entrepreneur. The great thing is, they're all fixable with fairly easy solutions.

#1 No Contact Info

When potential customers are wrestling back and forth with whether it's safe to purchase a product they want from your website, one way to put their minds at ease and prove to them you're a legit business, is to give them a way to contact you should something go wrong with their order.

Here's how you fix this problem:

  • Get a business email for your custom domain. In other words, instead of [email protected], get an email like [email protected]. You can do this easily through Google Suite for around $6/month.
  • Add a Contact Us page on your website with a form for people to fill out.
  • Add links to your social media on your website.
  • Add a Facebook Messenger chat option to your website.
  • Get a Google Voice number and list it on your website. You can get a business number for around $10/month.
  • ...
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No Money for Your Business? Look at the Bright Side

Many people want to start a business but don’t because they think it’s impossible when you don’t have thousands of dollars to start with. Then there are those who are so motivated that they would start a business no matter what—even in spite of the lack of money. 

I’ve talked, in the past, about exactly how you can start a business with very little money in the How to Start an Online Business with Virtually No Money episode of my podcast, Master Your Mission. 

Most people would look at starting with no money as a major disadvantage, and it can make things more difficult, but everything is about perspective and how you look at things. You’ve got to look at the silver lining to this cloud. 

Here’s how starting a business with little to no money can be beneficial to you.

You have to be more creative.

Figuring out how to run your business and get your audience’s attention without the use of paid advertising requires you to...

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6 Valuable Lessons Dropshipping Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

As you may know by now, I started my career in ecommerce with a subscription box business that failed. My next crack at ecommerce was a dropshipping business that turned out to be a successful venture for me and taught me a whole lot of valuable lessons about running a business online.

Today, I was thinking about just how much I learned from dropshipping and how much I want to share that experience and that knowledge with you. I thought one great way to do that would be to tell you some of what I learned.

So here are 6 of the most valuable lessons dropshipping taught me about running an online business:

1. That mastering Facebook ads isn’t as easy as it looks.

One of the keys to my success in dropshipping was learning how to run Facebook ads effectively, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. It took a lot of trial and error, a lot of disappointment, and eventually me hiring a coach to teach me how to market my business effectively. 

I think that it’s...

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Why Passion is Important for Your Business

I used to think that anyone who went around telling people that, in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to turn your passion into a business was full of shit. I could always think of plenty of successful entrepreneurs whose businesses don’t fit that theory.

It seems slightly ridiculous to think that a gas station owner would be passionate about gas. Or that someone who owns a waste removal company would be passionate about waste. “Find something you love to do…” they said. I always thought those people were liars.

Then I started my own business, and I realized how wrong I was about that assumption. I was being too literal in how I processed that advice. 

A successful entrepreneur who owns a waste removal company may not be passionate about waste, but they’re certainly passionate about entrepreneurship, hard work, money or something related to that business.

After all the tough days and long nights that I’ve spent working on my...

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Online vs Brick & Mortar - Which Should Your Business Be?

So you have an idea for a business, and you can’t wait to start. You’ve daydreamed about your Grand Opening, you’ve told your family and friends what you want to do, and you’ve already thought of the perfect name for your new venture.

There’s one problem though. You can’t decide whether you should be opening your business in a store front or limiting your business to the internet.

Before you go throwing thousands of dollars on a lease for a retail space, you should fully understand the commitment you’re about to make AND the alternatives you have to going that route.

To really give your decision thorough consideration, here are a few of the questions you should ask yourself.

  1. Is your business the type of business that absolutely needs a storefront? Are you offering a product or service that can only be delivered to the customer with a physical space—like a hair salon, a car wash, or a restaurant?
  2. Can you afford the retail space?...
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The Universe is Calling You - Here's How You Know

I think that we all have a purpose in life. Everyone’s purpose isn’t necessarily to be the next Oprah Winfrey or Barack Obama, but we all have a roll in making this world a better place.

I think of the impact each of us have, as individuals, like a drop of water that creates a ripple. The ripple gets bigger and bigger and creates gigantic waves downstream. We each create drops that eventually become waves somewhere downstream in the lives of others.

One of the most difficult questions most of us spend our lives trying to answer is, “What is my purpose?” Sometimes, we look for grandiose answers, when it’s much more simple, and sometimes we allow our fears to block us from what we know we should really be doing in life.

It’s true of most people, who make a great impact on the world, that something exists deep down inside that calls them to do their life’s work. As if an external force is pulling them in the direction they should go.

And when...

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7 Ways to Market Your Product or Service for Free

When most people think of what they need in order to be a successful entrepreneur, they think of one thing first. MONEY! They think they need money for inventory, money for a website, money for marketing, they think they need money for everything or they can never own a business. And they couldn’t be more WRONG!

People tend to think that if the money comes first, they’ll all of a sudden stop procrastinating and start taking action. In reality, many successful entrepreneurs, I’m talking 7 figure earners and up, started their businesses with no money.

They bootstrapped their businesses until they started seeing their profits grow. Just to be clear, as I’ve said before, what you don’t invest in money, you’ll have to invest in time, but using the lack of money as an excuse for why you can’t start some type of business, doesn’t really fly these days.

I could go into a whole spill about that, but I won’t. The point of this article...

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Your Energy Affects Your Business

Energy is extremely important to the success of your business. Of course, your physical energy is important, but in this case, I don’t mean your physical energy; I mean your metaphysical energy.

The vibes you or your employees give to potential customers is easy for them to pick up on. If they sense bad energy, it could mean game over for you making that sale.

Case in point. I once went to a well known store to make a major purchase. I was going to buy a refrigerator. I had researched the refrigerator I wanted and I was certain, when I walked into that store, that I was going to buy it that day. 

I didn’t really need to be sold, and I didn’t have any questions about what I wanted to purchase, because I had looked around and done my homework. My plan was to walk in, make the purchase, and leave. Boom. Bam. Bing.

When I walked into the store, the salesman approached me to help me with my purchase, but his approach felt very off to me. I was getting such bad...

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5 Ways to Develop Self-Discipline

Any level of great success requires focus that can’t be broken, routine that becomes second nature, and commitment that prioritizes your goals right up there with the things that are most important to you. That means that running your business and accomplishing those big goals you’ve set for yourself will require an extreme amount of self-discipline.

Mastering self-discipline is something that most people learn in the trenches of struggling for something they really want. It’s never learned when things come easy.

But are there ways you can develop self-discipline before things ever get tough? Absolutely.

Here are 5 ways you can develop self-discipline so that you’re able to see your vision through to the finish line.

Work out and eat healthy.

Working out and consuming a healthy diet are great ways to develop self-discipline. Doing this requires you to establish a routine that—when you stick to it long enough—becomes second nature. You can...

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Why Success Requires You to Be a Robot

I talk about mindset a lot on my podcast, Master Your Mission. I’ve said before that I think it’s the single most important factor to your success.

It’s the one thing that can either keep you locked in a state of fear and immobility or free you and allow you to go hard for your dreams. Your education can’t do that, money can’t do that, your circumstances can’t do that—nothing else has the kind of power over your life that your mindset has.

Your tenacity and ability to keep going through all the tough things you experience in life, are a result of your mindset. When your mindset is that you are fully committed, even when you’ve failed every day in the past and don’t know what tomorrow holds, you still get up and act on your wants and desires because you believe that someday something will be different.

When you have a mindset for success, your drive is unquestionable. Success driven people often operate with an, almost, robotic...

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