Do You Believe You Can Manifest Success?

I believe that being a great entrepreneur and being a great person, in general, requires that we dig really deep and tap into the power that our brains hold to affect what we are, who we are, and what we accomplish in life. We know that the brain is powerful beyond what we even fully understand, and that science is continuously discovering things about how it works.

But is the brain powerful enough to will what we want to happen? Can we use our brains to manifest our own success in life?

According to The Law of Attraction, there is some scientific research that supports the idea that our thoughts directly affect the level of satisfaction we reach in life. But if we can manifest what we want by our thoughts, how do we do that?

In an article on their website, The Law of Attraction gives 5 steps to manifest anything you want in 24 hours or less. Here’s what they say you should do:

Step 1

Decide what you want to manifest. Be very specific and be sure that it’s something that...

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