5 Ways to Develop Self-Discipline

Any level of great success requires focus that can’t be broken, routine that becomes second nature, and commitment that prioritizes your goals right up there with the things that are most important to you. That means that running your business and accomplishing those big goals you’ve set for yourself will require an extreme amount of self-discipline.

Mastering self-discipline is something that most people learn in the trenches of struggling for something they really want. It’s never learned when things come easy.

But are there ways you can develop self-discipline before things ever get tough? Absolutely.

Here are 5 ways you can develop self-discipline so that you’re able to see your vision through to the finish line.

Work out and eat healthy.

Working out and consuming a healthy diet are great ways to develop self-discipline. Doing this requires you to establish a routine that—when you stick to it long enough—becomes second nature. You can...

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Celebrate Yourself

I’ve been working my ass off this week, and I’m so excited for what’s to come. Right now, as I’m writing this article, I’m preparing to host my first live training (webinar) for a few hundred people who want to hear what I have to say about starting a business. I’m super excited and ready to help them!

In the training, I’ll be teaching them all about the dropshipping business. This method makes starting a business super easy for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to do so, so this is really important work to me. 

I’ve had a few rough weeks, as of late, where I really felt like I was spinning my wheels in a few areas of my life and not really getting any traction.

So I wanted to take the time today to celebrate me, and I’m telling you this so that you can celebrate you. Whatever it is that you’ve been doing every day to reach your goal of being a better you, give yourself the credit you deserve for doing it.


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I've Been Holding Out in My Business & I'm Going to Do Better

It’s time for a moment of self reflection. I want to start this article by apologizing to you. I’ve been holding out on you and this week, I realized just how much.

When I started my coaching business, I was kind of torn between whether I wanted to teach people how to actually start a business—like process steps—or be more of a motivational coach. I just knew that I wanted to share my passion and encourage more people to take the leap to become entrepreneurs.

We all know how much entrepreneurship can change entire communities for generations and generations. Plus, I personally know how depressing life can be when you work for someone else doing something you’re not passionate about with a dream of owning a business but aren’t sure how to make it happen.

So I thought encouraging people and teaching mindset related topics was enough. After this week, I realized it’s not. I’ve gotten such an amazing response to the webinar that I’m...

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Are You a Brat In Life?

Have you ever seen a kid that you just want to slap the shit out of? No slapping kids in real life, but you can fantasize about slapping the bad ones. You know, the one’s you see in the store straight running over their mom or dad. 

Little Chad, who’s running up and down the aisles grabbing everything, breaking shit, screaming at the top of his lungs, and then throwing an ugly ass tantrum any time his mom, embarrassingly, tries to correct his behavior. He’s a straight up brat, and nobody really likes his ass—not even his mom.

We’ve all seen that kid before. He expects everything to be given to him, because his parents cave whenever he asks for something. They give him everything!

He goes to school and acts a fool, because he’s not used to being told “no”. He’s disrespectful, arrogant, and entitled because he’s never seen a day of adversity in his little spoiled ass life.

You hate him, right? He’s a brat.


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Why Your #HotGirlSummer is So Necessary

Issa #HotGirlSummer, and I ain’t talking about the temperature! Megan Thee Stallion has the whole internet talking about having one. Even us guys are getting in on the action and claiming our own #HotBoySummer.

But what is it exactly? According to an interview Houston’s baddest did with The Root, #HotGirlSummer is “…about women and men being unapologetically them, just having a good-ass time, hyping up their friends, doing you”.

Sounds like a good time, right? I love anything that encourages you to be unapologetically you, unless your ass is toxic and you need to be apologetic, but let’s not go there right now. Instead, let’s assume you’re a light to the world. In that case, you need to be having a #HotGirlSummer, Fall, Winter, and Spring!

Here’s why having your #HotGirl or #HotBoy Summer is so necessary:

You put off your own needs for everyone else’s.

Women are notorious for this. Black women are notorious for this....

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Perfectionism Is a Trap

In yesterday’s episode of my podcast, Master Your Mission, I talked about how misplaced ambition can lead to depression. Here’s a link to that episode if you’d like to listen.

 One of the ways misplaced ambition can lead to depression is when it is tied to perfectionism. First, let me explain what perfectionism is.

Perfectionism, as defined by Google Dictionary, is the refusal to accept any standard short of perfection. 

That may not sound so bad at first, but when perfection becomes the standard, it gets dangerous to your success and to your mental health.

In thinking of perfection, some rather obvious, but hard to answer, questions come to mind. What exactly is perfection and how does one achieve it? Is it a certain number of likes on social media? Is it making a certain amount of money or having a specific number of children in life? 

Perfection is really subjective. What’s perfect to you may not be perfect to me. And unfortunately, most...

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Can Your Desire to Succeed Also Make You Depressed?

Spend enough time on Instagram these days and you’ll certainly feel like you’re doing life wrong. Watching the lives of influencers, who only post perfection, can make anyone question why they get up and go to work every day if life can really be as easy as those influencers make it look.

Even though most of us know that what gets posted on social media is likely far from reality, we still like to gawk and stare at it because we dream of having that life someday—a life of perfect angles and only the highest quality natural lighting. We all have high hopes for ourselves; everyone wants to make it.

Being ambitious, or having a strong desire to achieve something and the determination to do the work to get it, is a great quality to have. I guess we’re all ambitious to some degree, but obviously some of us are more ambitious than others.

Being laser focused on achieving a goal is what I talk about a lot here, so I think it’s only right to ask this question....

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5 Benefits of Having a Life Coach

I’m a Life Coach, and I’ll be the first to admit that most people aren’t real clear about what a Life Coach is. Most of my friends think of Iyanla Vanzant when they think of a Life Coach, and while she’s a great representation of Life Coaches, I usually have to explain that there are different types of Life Coaches out there.

According to Google Dictionary, a Life Coach is a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges. A Life Coach is professionally trained to help you maximize your potential in life or business and reach a desired outcome.

Life Coaches usually specialize in a certain niche. For instance, a divorced mother who wants to get back out into the dating pool might hire a Life Coach who specializes in helping women like her build up their confidence and date more. 

A Life Coach is different from a Therapist in that therapists usually help you resolve issues from your past in order to...

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Rewind: $86,400 Per Day

I originally wrote this article back in March, and today, it was on my mind. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to revisit this hypothetical and remind you to really think about how you’re spending your time in life.

Imagine this. Everyday, you wake up with the potential to have $86,400 deposited into your bank account at the end of the day. That’s one dollar for every second of the day.

Here’s the catch. Throughout the day, money is either subtracted or added to the deposit amount based on your actions. For every second you spend doing productive things that move you closer to creating the life you want, $1 is added to the deposit amount. For every second you spend taking no action to pursue creating the life you want, $1 is deducted from the deposit amount.

How much money would be deposited into your account at the end of every day?

Every second we spend in life either adds value or costs us something valuable.

Doing things like spending...

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Why Improving Yourself Improves Your Business

There’s no shortage of self-help information available to the public these days. From Life Coaches like me, to audio books, to podcasts like Master Your Mission, there’s something out there to help anybody improve any aspect of their life.

But does all this stuff really work? Can working with a Life Coach make you a better person? And does becoming a better person even help you in entrepreneurship?

The short answers are yes, yes and yes. How? Of course I’m going to tell you. Here are some of the ways that self improvement can help you as an entrepreneur.

Self improvement helps you take responsibility for your actions.

Taking responsibility for your actions helps you become a better entrepreneur because it makes you more of a go-getter. People who blame others for their circumstances in life tend to be procrastinators who never take action. Owning your shit is one of the first steps to shifting your mindset from the victim, whoa is me mentality to a take charge...

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