9 Steps to Creating Habits You Love


Most of the time when people hear the word “habit”, they think of something bad, but habits can be good, bad, and anywhere in between. Believe it or not, we each have an endless number of habits that we perform daily without even realizing we’re doing it. 

Have you ever thought about how many habits do you have? That’s probably a really hard question to answer because it’s likely that you have hundreds — maybe even thousands.

Think about it. From the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed, you repeat routine after routine after routine. For instance, the time you wake up every morning may be a habit. Listening to music as you get dressed may be a habit. The way you drink your coffee or eat your eggs may be a habit and on and on. Repeating those routines eventually forms habits. 

Studies have shown that it takes, on average, 66 days to form a habit. That means that if you repeat the same routine for 66 days straight, by the end of that 66 days, you will have turned that routine into a habit. 

Our success in life and in entrepreneurship is dependent on us being able to create good habits that serve us and get us closer to our goals. So it’s important to know exactly how to create good habits. 

Here are 9 steps to creating good habits.

  1. Decide what habit you want to form and right it down.
  2. Decide how much time you can commit to working toward you goal everyday.
  3. Block off time on your calendar and set an alarm to remind you to work on your new habit.
  4. Remove all distractions and work every day for a predetermined amount of days (until you reach 66 days), no matter what.
  5. Work on small chunks at first. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  6. Find accountability partners that you can work with to stay motivated and committed. You can join by 66 Days of Bold Action Accountability Group here
  7. Don’t beat yourself up if you fail here and there. Just pick up where you left off and keep going.
  8. Stay motivated! Focus on the outcome to keep yourself in the game for the win.
  9. Reward yourself for the small successes on the way.

If you listened to yesterday’ episode of my podcast, Master Your Mission, you should have written your goals down. Now create routines that can be turned into habits that will help you achieve your goal. Join my 66 Days of Bold Action Challenge by, clicking the link below.

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