Why Success Requires You to Be a Robot

I talk about mindset a lot on my podcast, Master Your Mission. I’ve said before that I think it’s the single most important factor to your success.

It’s the one thing that can either keep you locked in a state of fear and immobility or free you and allow you to go hard for your dreams. Your education can’t do that, money can’t do that, your circumstances can’t do that — nothing else has the kind of power over your life that your mindset has.

Your tenacity and ability to keep going through all the tough things you experience in life, are a result of your mindset. When your mindset is that you are fully committed, even when you’ve failed every day in the past and don’t know what tomorrow holds, you still get up and act on your wants and desires because you believe that someday something will be different.

When you have a mindset for success, your drive is unquestionable. Success driven people often operate with an, almost, robotic mentality. 

Consider this. If you programmed a robot to walk 10 feet in a straight line, the robot would walk 10 feet in a straight line every time you gave it that command, no matter what. The robot’s path is 10 feet in a straight line and it’ll perform a series of calculations and executions to succeed at walking 10 feet in a straight line.

If you put a wall in the middle of the robot’s path, the robot would walk into the wall but it will keep trying to execute its 10 feet in a straight line, as if the wall wasn’t there. If the robot is powerful enough, it would break through the wall and continue walking the path it was programmed to walk until it succeeded.

And that is the mentality you need to have in order to succeed. Understand that, every day, you perform a series of calculations and executions that will — at some point — lead to your success. 

You may not even be able to fully understand how or why you keep trying because you have walked into wall after wall. Keep going. Just like the robot. If you’re strong enough, you’ll break through every wall and continue walking the path you’ve been programmed to walk until YOU succeed.

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