Are You a Brat In Life?

Have you ever seen a kid that you just want to slap the shit out of? No slapping kids in real life, but you can fantasize about slapping the bad ones. You know, the one’s you see in the store straight running over their mom or dad. 

Little Chad, who’s running up and down the aisles grabbing everything, breaking shit, screaming at the top of his lungs, and then throwing an ugly ass tantrum any time his mom, embarrassingly, tries to correct his behavior. He’s a straight up brat, and nobody really likes his ass—not even his mom.

We’ve all seen that kid before. He expects everything to be given to him, because his parents cave whenever he asks for something. They give him everything!

He goes to school and acts a fool, because he’s not used to being told “no”. He’s disrespectful, arrogant, and entitled because he’s never seen a day of adversity in his little spoiled ass life.

You hate him, right? He’s a brat.

But think about it. Are you Chad when it comes to life? Are you a brat when something in life doesn’t go your way? Do you throw tantrums and walk around with an attitude, like somebody took your candy, when you have to show a little discipline?

The other day, I literally asked myself this question. I was angry that something didn’t go quite like I expected, and I was walking around with an attitude, mumbling and grumbling at everything and every body. I was pissed!

In a split-second moment of clarity, I said to myself, “KP, you are being such a brat right now”. And I really was. I was being Chad.

I was angry because I want what I want, when I want it — just like little bad ass Chad. I was being entitled — just like bad ass Chad. I was acting fool — just like Chad. I was not displaying a lick of discipline, and certainly, I was being a brat — just like Chad. 

In life, most of the biggest things we want — those things that are most important to us — don’t happen overnight. It takes time, commitment and patience for things to grow and develop. We have to be prepared and groomed for our success and our success has to be prepared and groomed for us. 

Sometimes, the Universe knows that what we’re asking for isn’t even what we really need or want. I mean, can you imagine having gotten everything you’ve ever wanted in life? A lot of y’all, today, would be dressing up as Princesses, Fairies, and Unicorns, performing at kid’s parties as a career, cause that was one of the first things you wanted in life — to be a Princess when you grow up. 

It’s not a bad thing to want something in life, but to have things go in a different direction or to have to wait on it. That builds resilience and character. It makes you better prepared for whatever it is when you do finally get it, or it allows you to receive better. 

So if you find yourself being a Chad in life, don’t slap yourself. Instead, ask yourself if whatever you’re being bratty over is something you really want or need at that moment. If it is, are you doing everything you need to do to obtain it, or do you just need to display a little patience?

Whatever happens, know that being a brat won’t change anything. You’ll just work yourself up about something that you obviously can’t control. So relax knowing that everything is going to work out and you’ll be absolutely fine. 

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