Sometimes Being an Entrepreneur Really Sucks

I’m just going to get to the point here. Sometimes being an entrepreneur really sucks. Anyone who owns a business, or who has owned a business, would probably agree.

It’s really hard and it fucks with your mind. Some days it seems like nothing goes right and everything you touch goes wrong. Or you get a customer who wants to yell at you and you just want to yell back. But you can’t.

There are times when the money is dry and you wonder why you ever wanted this entrepreneurship thing in the first place. Coming up with money to pay for the marketing campaign you launched that brought you 0 customers is always fun.

And don’t even get me started on having a business and a full time job. Especially when the full time job is also stressful. The combination of a bad day on the job and a bad day in your business can make you want to find somebody to punch in the face.

You really do have—or will have , if you’re starting your business—those days...

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Deciding On Which Goal You Should Focus 


I’m so excited! Tomorrow is the first day of my new 66 Days of Bold Action Challenge. I’ve got a great group of people who have joined and are ready to take action every day toward a goal they have, so we’ll all be working really hard toward something that’s incredibly important to each of us.

My action during the challenge is to introduce myself to a new person every day for the entire 66 days. My goal is to become better at approaching people and talking to them about my business. It’s bold, it’s scary, and I know that it will make me a better entrepreneur and a better person.

Ambitious people have a lot of goals in life and in business. You can’t fault us for that. So because some of us ambitious folks might struggle when trying to decide which goals to focus on first, I want to share how I came up with the goals and actions I considered for myself for this Challenge.

As I thought about this, I considered which of my goals would...

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Next Time, Stick to The Script

There was a girl in college who was a Theater major. She had a huge personality so it was befitting that she would study the art of acting, and everyone that knew her just knew that someday she would be a huge star. 

She was extremely popular on campus—it seemed like she knew everybody, and no one ever had anything bad to say about her. She seemed to be a favorite among students and faculty at school.

So every year at this school, there was this big production of a different play. This particular year, the girl wanted to try out for the lead role. She told any and everyone who would listen that the lead role would be hers that year. 

Every day, like clockwork, she could be seen on the yard, putting on a show to whoever happened to be with her at the moment. Any time someone struck up a conversation with her, it was as if she couldn’t talk about anything else but that play and how much she was committed to landing that role. 

So like I said, this...

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I Bet Beyonce's Friends Listen to Her Shit Now


Starting your business is an exciting and difficult time all wrapped into a warm blanket of pins and needles. You’re happy one minute, frustrated the next, and sometimes you just don’t know how to feel. 

Sometimes people have this fantastical view of what starting a business is like. They picture rubbing elbows with celebrities on mega yachts from day one. I think most business owners will tell you though, it’s a difficult road, but a road that’s definitely worth it. 

When people have this misconception of what starting and running a business is like—especially in the beginning—there are a few tried and true complaints that you can expect those people to have. One of them is that their friends don’t support their business.

Since my audience is full of entrepreneurs, I see this complaint a lot. I’ll admit, I’ve even wondered myself about why certain friends are much less supportive than others. This isn’t...

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Can't Stay Focused? This Might Be Why

One of the questions that I get from other entrepreneurs pretty consistently is how to stay focused on your goals. If you’re having the problem of constantly losing focus, you might need to do some trouble shooting.

One of the most common, and easy to identify, issues that would cause you to be unable to focus is that you aren’t really clear about exactly what your goals are. It sounds too simple to be an issue, but most of us have done it before.

Sometimes people say they want things that they really don’t want. It’s easy for someone to say that they want to own a business, but most people aren’t willing—or maybe just aren’t ready—to do the work it takes to build one. That could be because of fear, complacency, or any number of reasons.

People end up mistaking wishes for goals and then going through the motions to convince themselves that they are actually out here chasing their dreams. What do I mean by that? People set...

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Trying to Get Chose? Let Your Purpose Choose You


I recently did an episode of my podcast called, The Guy Who Built 3 Houses That No One Wanted. In it, I talked about how hard it can be to choose one idea to pursue in entrepreneurship, when you’re one of those people—like me—who constantly get viable business ideas. 

Because I’m one of those people, I get distracted easily and I have to really be diligent about focusing on my one business and giving it my undivided attention. A conversation I had last night with a close friend of mine made me realize that people who are multi-talented also struggle with this.

If you’re extremely gifted at more than one thing, you may find it hard to figure out which talent you should pursue as a business. The friend that I had this conversation with happens to be really talented at two different things, that are in no way related, and she’s actually making money doing each separately. 

She’s found herself in a conundrum trying to decide...

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The Guy Who Built 3 Houses That No One Wanted

I’m one of those people who can always come up with a business idea. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because, no matter what, I always know that if one thing doesn’t work for me, I’ll eventually think of something else. It’s a curse because that gift can make me easily distracted by every shiny object that catches my eye. 

When you’re in the beginning stages of choosing an idea to pursue for a business, but you have multiple ideas, it can be hard to choose just one idea to focus on. You want so badly to pick the best idea that will turn out to be wildly successful, so it’s tempting to chase them all. 

I don’t think that’s a very good plan. Let me tell you about the guy who built 3 houses that no one wanted to illustrate why.

There was a guy who decided to build a house by himself for the first time. He wanted to literally build the house with his own two hands and no contractors. His plan was build...

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Wakanda Wasn't Built In a Day


You’ve been working hard, doing all the things you need to do for your business, but things just aren’t happening as fast as you’d like. Frustration sets in and the mental gymnastics of entrepreneurship begin. 

What you’re feeling is not unique to you. It’s actually common for entrepreneurs to feel that way. What’s not so common is the ability to ward off thoughts of caving in and the ability to stay focused on the end goal. 

Here, my friend, is where the rubber meets the road. This is just the introduction of the book you’re writing of your life, and you’re nowhere near the end.

So many entrepreneurs give up in this very spot. They come up with a business idea, start working toward their goals, and when they don’t see M’s in their bank account by week 2, they’re on to the next. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but not by much.

You’re not them though. You’re going to keep...

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Focus On the Outcome

focus goals motivation May 06, 2019
Round here we’re pretty goal oriented, right? We (meaning you and I) talk a lot about setting big goals, then breaking those down into smaller goals and going hard in the paint for all the goals. I think I harp on how important that is for us to be productive and not to be out here just spinning our wheels, going nowhere.

The one thing about goal setting that we have to keep in mind is that it’s a means to an end. The actual goal is not the point. The outcome is. 

This is why it’s so important to wrap your brain around the fact that failing is not a bad thing. If you had to walk to the bank to pick up a check for $100MIL, and you tripped and fell on the way there, you wouldn’t decide that you no longer wanted to go pick up that check just because you fell. You would get your ass up, dust yourself off and keep walking—even if you had to drag one of your legs. You might even just pull out your phone and call an Uber to pick you up and take you to...

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