What's the best six figure online business to start in 2022?

You're here because you're interested in starting an online business.


And you're not alone.


Interest in starting online businesses has steadily increased over the last decade but has absolutely exploded over the last two years. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that there's opportunities abound in the ecommerce/online business space.


Many six and seven figure earners have been made over the last 2 years because you can literally start a business online one day and be living a completely different lifestyle within just a few short months.


Of course that's not the norm, but it's definitely possible.


While some people seem to be born with a very clear idea of what type of online business to start, others - who want to start an online business - struggle figuring out what to sell.


So in this post, I'm going to break down what I think is the absolute best online business to start in 2022.


This will be based on a few criteria:

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5 Steps to Starting an Online T-Shirt Shop with $0

When you're on a tight budget or just unsure about what kind of business you want to start, it might seem unlikely that you could start an online business with absolutely no money.
But it's absolutely possible with dropshipping!

Dropshipping is a fulfillment method that allows you to sell goods that you never hold in inventory. You work with a supplier who ships the product directly to your customers.

Here’s why dropshipping is so great:

  • No upfront costs of purchasing inventory.
  • No costs of storing inventory.
  • Supplier handles shipping.
  • Your customer never knows you didn’t ship from your own warehouse.
  • You get to focus on growing your business.
  • You can start with minimal to NO investment.

Dropshipping printed merchandise like t-shirts, hats, pillows, mugs, etc., is known as print on demand. It’s really easy to start a print on demand t-shirt business with no money.

*To skip these written instructions and get detailed,...

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The Guy Who Built 3 Houses That No OneĀ Wanted

I’m one of those people who can always come up with a business idea. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because, no matter what, I always know that if one thing doesn’t work for me, I’ll eventually think of something else. It’s a curse because that gift can make me easily distracted by every shiny object that catches my eye. 

When you’re in the beginning stages of choosing an idea to pursue for a business, but you have multiple ideas, it can be hard to choose just one idea to focus on. You want so badly to pick the best idea that will turn out to be wildly successful, so it’s tempting to chase them all. 

I don’t think that’s a very good plan. Let me tell you about the guy who built 3 houses that no one wanted to illustrate why.

There was a guy who decided to build a house by himself for the first time. He wanted to literally build the house with his own two hands and no contractors. His plan was build...

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Is Your Business Idea Treasure or Trash?

As entrepreneurs, we can sometimes get pretty creative when trying to identify new business opportunities. When we start thinking about ways to be innovative or to differentiate ourselves from the competition, sometimes our ideas can get a bit wacky—like an idea for a snow cone barber shop truck or a raincoat for your car. 

When you’re trying to think of the perfect business idea, it can be hard to tell whether an idea you have is a good one or a bad one.

Before you start spending large amounts of time and money on starting your business, you should validate your idea to verify that it is viable. Here are some practical questions you can ask yourself to verify whether your business idea is treasure or trash.

Has it ever been done before?

Innovation is great, and if you’re an inventor, creating something that doesn’t exist might be right up your ally. For the most part though, if your business idea is for something that doesn’t currently...

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10 Online Businesses You Can StartĀ Today

Starting an online business is a great idea for aspiring entrepreneurs because online businesses can give you the ability to turn your passion into a money making business that allows you time flexibility and location independence. For many people, figuring out what kind of business you want to start can be difficult and confusing. 

To help you come up with ideas for your business, I created this list of ten online businesses you can start today:


Start an online freelance business. You can freelance doing just about anything. Freelancing just means that you sell your talents in the form of services. Your customers could be other businesses or private individuals. Some examples of businesses you can start as a freelancer are writing, editing, graphic design, logo design, and anything else you can think of. Great sites to use to list your services are Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

Web Developer

Learn how to code. There are a ton of free resources that teach...

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