Deciding On Which Goal You Should FocusĀ 


I’m so excited! Tomorrow is the first day of my new 66 Days of Bold Action Challenge. I’ve got a great group of people who have joined and are ready to take action every day toward a goal they have, so we’ll all be working really hard toward something that’s incredibly important to each of us.

My action during the challenge is to introduce myself to a new person every day for the entire 66 days. My goal is to become better at approaching people and talking to them about my business. It’s bold, it’s scary, and I know that it will make me a better entrepreneur and a better person.

Ambitious people have a lot of goals in life and in business. You can’t fault us for that. So because some of us ambitious folks might struggle when trying to decide which goals to focus on first, I want to share how I came up with the goals and actions I considered for myself for this Challenge.

As I thought about this, I considered which of my goals would make a good fit for the challenge. I made a list of those goals and the actions I could take during the challenge. 

Then I narrowed down my list to what was most important that I accomplish right now. Here was my short list:

Option #1 

Goal: Wake up earlier to get more done in my day. 

Action: Wake up at 4:00 AM.

Option #2

Goal: Grow my Instagram following and engage more with my audience. 

Action: Go Live on IG daily.

Option #3

Goal: Network more and get over the awkward feeling of approaching people I don’t know. 

Action: Introduce myself to one new person daily.

Once I had my list narrowed down to these three options, I considered which option could have the most impact on my life and/or my business. While I think all three are great options, I only want to focus on one so that I don’t get burned out too quickly. 

From there, I picked my favorite, which was Option #3 because it frightens the shit out of me and because I think that it will help me the most. Luckily, when I asked my audience on Instagram, they also picked Option #3. 

Here are a few things to consider as you work through choosing your goal and the actions you’ll take.

  1. Which goal is most important.
  2. Which goal will have the most impact.
  3. Which goal have you truly been procrastinating or afraid of doing?
  4. Which goal do you currently have all the resources you need to effectively execute?
  5. Which goal can you reasonably make the most progress on in 66 days?

So whether you’re officially in the Challenge, or watching from afar and considering how to prioritize your own goals, the process I followed to choose an action for this Challenge might help you too. Prioritize your goals then decide what makes the most sense for you right now.

If you haven’t joined the 66 Days of Bold Action Challenge yet, you should get in on this round and get started taking action toward your goals with a great support system holding you down throughout the 66 days. It will be tough, but it will also be a lot of fun.

To join, click the link below and I’ll see you there!

Do you know someone who needs to join the 66 Days of Bold Action Challenge or who would enjoy this article? If so, please share it with them, and listen to my podcast, Master Your Mission, for daily motivation and inspiration to pursue your dreams.


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