Sometimes Being an Entrepreneur Really Sucks

I’m just going to get to the point here. Sometimes being an entrepreneur really sucks. Anyone who owns a business, or who has owned a business, would probably agree.

It’s really hard and it fucks with your mind. Some days it seems like nothing goes right and everything you touch goes wrong. Or you get a customer who wants to yell at you and you just want to yell back. But you can’t.

There are times when the money is dry and you wonder why you ever wanted this entrepreneurship thing in the first place. Coming up with money to pay for the marketing campaign you launched that brought you 0 customers is always fun.

And don’t even get me started on having a business and a full time job. Especially when the full time job is also stressful. The combination of a bad day on the job and a bad day in your business can make you want to find somebody to punch in the face.

You really do have — or will have , if you’re starting your business — those days where being an entrepreneur really sucks. Those are the days you seriously consider giving it all up and accepting your fate as a bagger at a grocery store — or something you really don’t want to do.

Then you think about your why. You think about the whole reason you decided to take your life savings and dump it into this crazy idea you had. The reason you’ve been waking up at 4 AM every day for the last two years and the reason you’ve sacrificed so much time and energy to make your idea a reality.

You remember how much this business can change your life once shit starts poppin, and how much it can change the lives of your kids as you teach them how to build long lasting family wealth. You remember deciding that the freedom of calling the shots and creating your own destiny is better than someone else deciding your fate for you. You remember wanting to do what you feel you were called to do over pushing pencils at a job that left you depressed and unfulfilled.

Your why keeps you going. When the smoke of a bad day clears, your why is standing there reminding you of all the good days. It reminds you of how you got your first few customers and how you grew from making a few sales a month to making a few hundred sales a month.

So, yes. Sometimes being an entrepreneur really sucks. But remember your why and keep going.

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