Trying to Get Chose? Let Your Purpose Choose You


I recently did an episode of my podcast called, The Guy Who Built 3 Houses That No One Wanted. In it, I talked about how hard it can be to choose one idea to pursue in entrepreneurship, when you’re one of those people — like me — who constantly get viable business ideas. 

Because I’m one of those people, I get distracted easily and I have to really be diligent about focusing on my one business and giving it my undivided attention. A conversation I had last night with a close friend of mine made me realize that people who are multi-talented also struggle with this.

If you’re extremely gifted at more than one thing, you may find it hard to figure out which talent you should pursue as a business. The friend that I had this conversation with happens to be really talented at two different things, that are in no way related, and she’s actually making money doing each separately. 

She’s found herself in a conundrum trying to decide which one of them she should be pursuing full time. She truly wants to fulfill her purpose in life, and like a lot of people, she has a hard time knowing which one of her talents is her true purpose in entrepreneurship. 

As we talked about her struggle, I said something to her that hit home for me but also seemed to resonate deeply with her. I told her this…

Sometimes, you don’t have to choose your purpose, because your purpose will choose you.

So if there are multiple things that you really love and are good at, but you can’t decide which one you want to pursue or what your entrepreneurial purpose is, look around and ask yourself which one of your talents is choosing you. What is your intuition telling you?

Are doors opening left and right for one of your talents more than the other? Are you feeling more of an internal pull toward one over the other? Are you better equipped to pursue one over the other? What’s easiest? What’s more fun? What are you more passionate about? If you had to give one up completely, for the rest of your life, is there one that you could live without and be just fine? 

When I started my coaching business, I was wrestling with two ideas. I was torn over whether I wanted to start another dropshipping business, since I had some success with my previous dropshipping business or whether I wanted to start coaching. I chose coaching because it would allow me to do something that’s greater than me. I could do my part to contribute to society and help other people in a meaningful way. 

To be absolutely honest, during the first month of starting my coaching business, I was still taking time away from it to build a website for another dropshipping business. The feeling of fulfillment I got from coaching and motivating others quickly made me 100% sure that I wanted to pursue coaching as my full time business. 

I guess I basically got chose by coaching. Coaching chose me. 

As you try to figure out which idea you should pursue, do some soul searching and pay attention to what the signs around you are trying to tell you.

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