6 Low Cost or Free Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Driving traffic to your website is absolutely critical to getting online sales.

Whether you're starting your business or already in business, you could make a whole lotta internet bread over the next two months for this holiday season if you get people to your website and convert them to buyers.

But the traffic you're sending to your website HAS to be targeted traffic - meaning it has to be the people who need the product you're selling. Those are the people who have a problem and want your product as their solution.

Here are a few easy ideas you can use to get targeted traffic on your website:

1. Write a blog for your niche.

Providing valuable content is a great way to build trust and show your audience how much your product can help them. You can write short articles - like this one - that help your audience learn more, complete small tasks, or just to entertain them.

And don't think you have to be a grammatical genius or write Pulitzer Prize winning material. Write in...

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7 Ways to Market Your Product or Service forĀ Free

When most people think of what they need in order to be a successful entrepreneur, they think of one thing first. MONEY! They think they need money for inventory, money for a website, money for marketing, they think they need money for everything or they can never own a business. And they couldn’t be more WRONG!

People tend to think that if the money comes first, they’ll all of a sudden stop procrastinating and start taking action. In reality, many successful entrepreneurs, I’m talking 7 figure earners and up, started their businesses with no money.

They bootstrapped their businesses until they started seeing their profits grow. Just to be clear, as I’ve said before, what you don’t invest in money, you’ll have to invest in time, but using the lack of money as an excuse for why you can’t start some type of business, doesn’t really fly these days.

I could go into a whole spill about that, but I won’t. The point of this article...

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