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6 Low Cost or Free Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Driving traffic to your website is absolutely critical to getting online sales.

Whether you're starting your business or already in business, you could make a whole lotta internet bread over the next two months for this holiday season if you get people to your website and convert them to buyers.

But the traffic you're sending to your website HAS to be targeted traffic - meaning it has to be the people who need the product you're selling. Those are the people who have a problem and want your product as their solution.

Here are a few easy ideas you can use to get targeted traffic on your website:

1. Write a blog for your niche.

Providing valuable content is a great way to build trust and show your audience how much your product can help them. You can write short articles - like this one - that help your audience learn more, complete small tasks, or just to entertain them.

And don't think you have to be a grammatical genius or write Pulitzer Prize winning material. Write in...

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5 Trending Products You Can Sell Online

There's still plenty of money to be made online in 2020. Trending products are a great way to start making money online fast, and if you start today, in a few months, your life can be totally different.

Here are 5 trending products you could sell online:

1. House plants and seedlings

2. Charcoal soap

3. Microgreens

4. Solar lights

5. Sea moss products

The thing about trending products is, while it's possible they could be here to stay, demand for them also has the potential to fizzle out, so speed is important. You can make a killing if you jump on these opportunities quickly and carve out your space.

Find something you like, research it to be sure there's demand, secure your product source, build your website and start selling! But don't spend weeks or months struggling to start or stuck forever building your website.

This kills your momentum.

Just get help where you need it so you can keep the ball rolling!

If you're in the process of building your website, grab my How to...

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8 Sources for Free Stock Images for Your Business

One way of connecting with potential customers is through the images you use on your website and in your marketing.

All too often, I see entrepreneurs confused about why they aren't getting any sales when the images on their website have nothing to do with what they're trying to sell OR the people they're trying to sell to.

Just grabbing photos from Google won't do. Plus it could get you in trouble if you don't have legal permission to use the image.

Check out the sites on this list. They all offer free, high-quality stock images for commercial use.

That means, you can use them for your business for free depending on how you're using them (always read licensing requirements before use).

1. Unsplash.com

2. Pexels.com

3. Pixabay.com

4. Stocksnap.io

5. NegativeSpace.co

6. Gratisography.com

7. PicJumbo.com

8. KaboomPics.com

Use these resources to find images your audience will connect with and see themselves in. If you can't find anything here, get creative and take your own.


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6 Mistakes on Your Website That Might Cost You Sales & How to Fix Them


Making these 6 mistakes on your website can be costly for any entrepreneur. The great thing is, they're all fixable with fairly easy solutions.

#1 No Contact Info

When potential customers are wrestling back and forth with whether it's safe to purchase a product they want from your website, one way to put their minds at ease and prove to them you're a legit business, is to give them a way to contact you should something go wrong with their order.

Here's how you fix this problem:

  • Get a business email for your custom domain. In other words, instead of yourbusiness@gmail.com, get an email like info@yourbusiness.com. You can do this easily through Google Suite for around $6/month.
  • Add a Contact Us page on your website with a form for people to fill out.
  • Add links to your social media on your website.
  • Add a Facebook Messenger chat option to your website.
  • Get a Google Voice number and list it on your website. You can get a business number for around $10/month.
  • ...
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6 Online Courses You Need to Start & Run Your Online Business

If you're serious about starting an online business but need a little help along the way, these courses are perfect for you. They're packed with value and reasonably priced, starting as low as $9. And the best part is, they're all online and self-paced so you can complete them at your convenience. 

#1 How to Start an Online T-Shirt Shop with $0

This course is perfect for the aspiring entrepreneur operating on a shoestring budget. In this online course, you'll learn about the resources you can use to start your business without spending any money. You'll learn how to design t-shirts for free, which supplier you can use without ever buying inventory, how to build a free website, and how to get your first sales - all without spending a dime. Click the button below to enroll!

#2 How to Choose a Profitable Niche for Your Ecommerce Business

Ready to start an online business, but confused about where to start? Start here! If you're struggling to figure out what to sell and who to...

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5 Steps to Starting an Online T-Shirt Shop with $0

When you're on a tight budget or just unsure about what kind of business you want to start, it might seem unlikely that you could start an online business with absolutely no money.
But it's absolutely possible with dropshipping!

Dropshipping is a fulfillment method that allows you to sell goods that you never hold in inventory. You work with a supplier who ships the product directly to your customers.

Here’s why dropshipping is so great:

  • No upfront costs of purchasing inventory.
  • No costs of storing inventory.
  • Supplier handles shipping.
  • Your customer never knows you didn’t ship from your own warehouse.
  • You get to focus on growing your business.
  • You can start with minimal to NO investment.

Dropshipping printed merchandise like t-shirts, hats, pillows, mugs, etc., is known as print on demand. It’s really easy to start a print on demand t-shirt business with no money.

*To skip these written instructions and get detailed,...

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No Money for Your Business? Look at the Bright Side

Many people want to start a business but don’t because they think it’s impossible when you don’t have thousands of dollars to start with. Then there are those who are so motivated that they would start a business no matter what—even in spite of the lack of money. 

I’ve talked, in the past, about exactly how you can start a business with very little money in the How to Start an Online Business with Virtually No Money episode of my podcast, Master Your Mission. 

Most people would look at starting with no money as a major disadvantage, and it can make things more difficult, but everything is about perspective and how you look at things. You’ve got to look at the silver lining to this cloud. 

Here’s how starting a business with little to no money can be beneficial to you.

You have to be more creative.

Figuring out how to run your business and get your audience’s attention without the use of paid advertising requires you to...

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6 Valuable Lessons Dropshipping Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

As you may know by now, I started my career in ecommerce with a subscription box business that failed. My next crack at ecommerce was a dropshipping business that turned out to be a successful venture for me and taught me a whole lot of valuable lessons about running a business online.

Today, I was thinking about just how much I learned from dropshipping and how much I want to share that experience and that knowledge with you. I thought one great way to do that would be to tell you some of what I learned.

So here are 6 of the most valuable lessons dropshipping taught me about running an online business:

1. That mastering Facebook ads isn’t as easy as it looks.

One of the keys to my success in dropshipping was learning how to run Facebook ads effectively, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. It took a lot of trial and error, a lot of disappointment, and eventually me hiring a coach to teach me how to market my business effectively. 

I think that it’s...

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Why Passion is Important for Your Business

I used to think that anyone who went around telling people that, in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to turn your passion into a business was full of shit. I could always think of plenty of successful entrepreneurs whose businesses don’t fit that theory.

It seems slightly ridiculous to think that a gas station owner would be passionate about gas. Or that someone who owns a waste removal company would be passionate about waste. “Find something you love to do…” they said. I always thought those people were liars.

Then I started my own business, and I realized how wrong I was about that assumption. I was being too literal in how I processed that advice. 

A successful entrepreneur who owns a waste removal company may not be passionate about waste, but they’re certainly passionate about entrepreneurship, hard work, money or something related to that business.

After all the tough days and long nights that I’ve spent working on my...

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Your Spiritual Energy Can Help You Succeed

I’m not a religious person. At all. And don’t worry, I’m not about to talk about religion because 1) it’s such a polarizing topic, 2) it’s a matter of your own personal choice, and 3) that’s not why you’re here.

Although I’m not religious, I do strongly believe in nurturing a spiritual connection from within. I think it’s important that we all understand and are able to connect to spiritual energy or what I like to call, God energy—not to be confused with the God of any particular religion. 

Our spiritual energy is what binds our souls to our bodies. It’s the manifestation of pure love, and it exists in us and around us.

Whether you believe in a higher power or deity of any sort is of no consequence, because you still have spiritual, or God, energy inside of and around you. I believe it’s the unexplainable part of the human condition that allows us to transcend the unthinkable and to accomplish the...

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