Check Your Internal ScreenĀ Door


When I was growing up, most of the houses in my neighborhood had a screen door on the front and back doors. Some of you may know what I’m talking about because you may have grown up with the same type of screen door on your house, and I’m sure there are still homes with those screen doors on them today.

The screen door acted as a barrier between the front door and outside. One of the coolest things about the screen door is that, if you wanted to leave your front door open, you could and the screen door would keep out the things you didn’t want in your house. 

If you wanted your home to catch a nice breeze from outside, you’d leave your door open so wind would blow in and screen doors would keep out the bugs, animals and random people. If you’re from the country, you probably know what I’m talking about. 

The screen door allowed you to see what was on the other side of the screen, but protect your space from any old thing just...

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There's a Lesson in Negative Experiences

I’ve had two life threatening experiences in my life that I would definitely categorize as negative experiences.

One happened when I was a teenager. It’s no secret that I can’t swim. I’ve talked about that a few times here, but when I was 14, I went to a water park on a school field trip. 

My classmates and I had been at the park for hours and I had stayed in my safe zone at the shallow end of a wave pool pretty much all day. At some point, I let my two of my friends talk me into getting onto a two person tube so the three of us could go hang out at the deep end. *Face palm.*

The plan was that one friend would pull us out to the deep end as myself and the third person sat on the tube. I expressed my trepidation because of the fact that I couldn’t swim, and they assured me that we’d be safe on this tube, and if I fell in, they’d save me.

Everything in my soul told me don’t do it, but my friends convinced me to ignore my gut and...

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Your Intuition Will Lead You to YourĀ Purpose

According to experts, your subconscious mind can communicate information to your body before that information actually reaches your conscious mind. In other words, your actions can be driven by your subconscious mind, or your intuition, without you actually realizing it.

Our subconscious mind is without fear and unrestrained by limiting beliefs. By the time our conscious mind catches up, we start to apply doubts and fears—filters—which then get in the way of us trusting our intuition and seeing things clearly.

If you’re trying to figure out what your purpose is, your intuition should be your guide, so getting in touch with your intuition should be your primary goal. I know that people love to say that you should figure out what you like to do and that’s your purpose, but it’s not always that simple. 

Most people have several hobbies, but if they felt like those hobbies were their purpose, they wouldn’t be looking for their purpose. Your...

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Why You Can't Shake the Desire to Pursue YourĀ Dreams

If you dream of starting a business, it’s likely that you’ve had that dream for a very long time. We tend to find all sorts of reasons to put off pursuing our dreams. Sometimes we try and fail so we stop there. Sometimes we convince ourselves that now is not the perfect time, as if such a thing exists. Even worse, many times we just use a combination of lame excuses.

When you have a dream you’d like to pursue, it usually ends up being something you never really stop thinking about. It occupies space in the back of your mind, and just when you think you’ve moved on with life, it pops back up and hijacks your thoughts. 

Even if you’ve put off pursuing that dream for years, you keep coming back to it as if it’s the ex you just can’t let go. It almost feels like something physically tugging at you or a supernatural force pulling you in its direction. The draw that keeps bringing you back to wanting to pursue that dream is something you...

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