You are Not an Imposter!

Have you ever accomplished something that you felt like you didn’t really deserve? I don’t mean in the case that you’re just a humble person or that you were given something you truly didn’t deserve; I mean you worked your ass off and really put in work to get it, only to feel like you didn’t belong among those who had also accomplished that thing.

This can happen when you get a promotion at work, or find success in entrepreneurship, or even when you start a new business. You just have a nagging feeling that you don’t know enough to have accomplished that thing or that you aren’t talented enough to be among the other talented people with whom you are now aligned.

That feeling you experience in those moments is called Imposter Syndrome. We all get it to some degree. Most people get it in small doses for various situations, but some people get it much more severely. It can be so severe that it causes a person to retreat or give up the very...

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