Why #TeamNoSleep is Bad For Your Success

If you spend any amount of time on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably seen #TeamNoSleep before. People use it, almost as a brag, to let you know that they are depriving themselves of sleep in their efforts to do whatever tf it is that they aren’t sleeping for—which is usually #BossShit.

I think that not sleeping is one of the most ridiculous things you can choose to pretend to be proud of. Have you ever had insomnia? It’s not fun. Insomniacs are really #TeamNoSleep and I never see or hear them bragging about it.

Not sleeping is not a good thing. It’s actually really bad for that thing you live in called, your body. I got this straight from the government - according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, “ Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety.”

Our bodies were not designed to go for long periods of time without ample sleep. If...

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Do You Even Mind Lift Bro?


No, I’m not talking about some supernatural power of picking things up with your mind and throwing them across the room. 

All my gym rats out there may have previously heard the expression, “Do you even lift bro?” Whether you’re a gym rat or not, you probably understand the importance of exercising and eating healthy foods. 

Exercising can help you build muscle and replace fat, keep healthy joints, build strength and efficiency in cardiopulmonary function and so much more. Keeping your body in tip top shape so that it performs at a high level means that you eat right, exercise, and even go to the doctor for regular checkups. 

When we talk about exercising and taking care of our bodies though, we often forget about the health of one of the most important parts of our bodies—our minds. 

When it comes to your mind, do you even lift bro? Are you doing the things you should be doing to care for your mind like you would care for...

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