How Bad Do You Want It, Introvert?

If you’re ready to start selling your knowledge and experience, I strongly encourage you to get started promoting yourself as soon as possible. This could be by creating a podcast, posting videos, or writing a blog. If just the thought of putting yourself out there for the world to see makes your introvertitis flare up, causing you to cringe with fear, trust me—I know the feeling.

Although I record an episode of my Master Your Mission podcast daily, I still get freaked out and overthink posting it at times. The other day, I recorded a video for IGTV and it took me a full 30 minutes to post it because I was too busy critiquing the caption. You read that right (smh). Eventually, I snapped back into reality and realized I was letting an irrational moment keep me from being great.

What’s my point?

If you have a talent you’d like to share with the world but you’re letting your introverted ways hold you back, you’re allowing your fears to keep you...

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What's Your Entrepreneurial Purpose?

Yesterday I thought a lot about why people are willing to spend their lives working a job they hate that gives them no sense of fulfillment. So many of us live life on repeat, waking up every morning and going through the motions, counting down the days left until the weekend. Many people dream of starting a business, but unfortunately, never get a chance to share all of their great talents with the world.

But why?

Well, we’re taught to stick to the safe route—go to school, graduate, and get a job. Most people just aren’t willing to take a chance on themselves, and even worse, most people never figure out what their purpose is in life. If you can’t figure out you purpose, you can’t create a business based on it.

And I’ve been there—unsure of what my purpose was but very certain that I’d like to own a business and live a freedom lifestyle. My lifestyle requirements were that my business must be location independent, capable of providing...

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One Bold Action Per Day

What could you accomplish if you took one bold action per day?

I’m starting a new business and the process is an emotional roller coaster. With the highs of reaching certain milestones, come the lows of uncertainty and fear of failing. Like so many other people, I tend to overthink things that are really important to me. I even self-sabotage, at times, by convincing myself that I need something—that’s usually just beyond my reach—in order to be successful.

But what if, every day for the next 66 days (I think I read somewhere that that’s how long it takes for something to become habit) I take one bold action per day that moves me toward my goal of growing a wildly successful business that provides the lifestyle I want for myself? To qualify as bold, it must be something that moves me out of my comfort zone and defies an irrational fear that I’ve allowed to hold me back. Could taking one bold action per day change my life and my business?

I think it...

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