Are You Creating Content For Your Business?

If you’re not creating content for your business, you should be. Content is still King!

Your content can help you:
Grow your audience
Build trust for your brand
Establish yourself as an expert.
And so much more.

Your content is every thing that you put out in the webosphere. If you aren’t putting any effort into your content, you are likely leaving money on the table. 

Producing great content is a really inexpensive way to grow your potential customer base because you don’t have to spend money to do it. Consider starting a podcast, writing a blog, and sharing your message on your social media.

Since we’re talking about content, I wanted to remind you of a past episode of my podcast that I did on 10 ways to come up with ideas for your content. Let’s recap.

Here are 10 ways to come up with ideas for creating your content.

  1. Ask social media. Reach out to people who follow you on social media. If you have a business page or a page that is dedicated to...
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10 Easy Ways to Come Up with Ideas for Your Content

By now, you know that I talk about sharing your message and following your dreams a lot. I think I’ve been pretty honest about how difficult it can be to get over the initial fear of putting yourself out there as the example for people to follow, but there’s another difficulty that I haven’t discussed with you yet. 

Whether you decide to share daily—like I do—weekly, or somewhere in between, you’ll inevitably need to be able to come up with interesting topics to discuss in your podcast, blog, YouTube videos, or whatever medium you choose to use.

Of course, the more frequently you share, the more content you’ll have to create, and if you aren’t prepared, you can find yourself scrambling for ideas and creating sub par content. You’ll need to be able to give your audience useful information that they actually want, and this requires some level of preparation—maybe even a bit of research.

Here are 10 ways to come up with...

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