Clarity on Clarity on Clarity


I’ve shared a few stories about running a dropshipping business that allowed me to stay hidden in the background and never take the “risk” of putting myself on display for the world to see. I’ve talked about how my focus with that business was solely to make money — which should be the focus of every business — but I didn’t choose to start it based on any particular passion or interest that I had, other than the desire to have an ecommerce business.

I always had a nagging feeling, though, that I should be and could be doing more. I felt like there was something deeper within me that I could be doing to help other people, and that’s when I decided to start my current business helping to motivate other people to follow their dreams. It’s something that I’m actually passionate about, it allows me to authentically share my gifts with the world, and it allows me to do something that could help other people change their lives.

All of this work that I’ve been doing to reach and help others has actually helped me. It has made me a better person and I truly — for the first time in life — feel like I’m aligned with my purpose. 

In order to help others shift their mindset, I had to have a mindset shift myself, and I have to continually be on my A game when it comes to choosing to think positive thoughts. I have to do the work that I teach others. I have to walk the walk and talk the talk.

All of this work that I’ve done and this mindset shift that I’ve experienced in my business has carried over to my personal life in ways that I never imagined it would. I’ve discovered that the act of finding clarity in one aspect of life gives you clarity in other aspects of life too. 

Finding clarity means being conscious and present. It means that you are holding yourself accountable and doing the hard work of acknowledging the areas in which you lack and then building them up. It means finding your lane and mashing the gas with the brake line cut. 

So the clarity that I’ve found in entrepreneurship also brings me clarity in who I want to be in life. I’m much more willing to go deep, acknowledge my shortcomings, and do what’s necessary to get better. I’m much better at trusting my intuition and even being able to discern intuition from my own desire in the first place. I’m much more willing to listen and be less rigid about what I think I already know. I’m much more willing to grow.

My message here to you, is to keep doing the work that you’re doing to align yourself with your purpose. Keep exploring the depths of your soul and where your heart wants you to go. All of this work that you’re doing will lead you (and me too) to something much bigger and better than we could have expected. 

In the end, what matters more than making millions of dollars is living a life that we are proud of and that leaves us without regret. 

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