Mistaking a Fantasy for Your Dream Can Cause You to Fail Endlessly

We all have dreams—hopefully very big dreams—and some of us are out here chasing them. I encourage those of you who aren’t to get on it and start chasing yours, but since you’re here, this message may help you too.

As you pursue your dreams, you should be writing big goals, breaking those big goals down into smaller goals, and tracking them all. If you’re experiencing failure quite often, it’s important to look at the goals you are setting and be sure that the actual act of setting goals is not where you’re failing.

As I’ve discussed on my podcast—Master Your Mission—in the past, you should set goals using the SMART method of goal setting. Your goals should be:

Specific—Choose a specific thing you’d like to achieve.

Measurable—You must be able to measure your progress toward accomplishing it.

Attainable—Your goal should be practical. It should be something that pushes you but is within your real...

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