Is What You're Willing To Risk on Your Dream Equal to Your Desired Reward?

What are you willing to risk for your dream? A little time? A little effort? Maybe 5 or 10 minutes a day? A few thoughts here and there about how you might get started sometime soon? Maybe a conversation with a friend about how you’re thinking about going for it one day?

I have a question for you that might hit kind of hard, depending on your expectations. Is what you’re willing to risk for your dreams equivalent to the reward you expect to get from them?

If you’ve never thought about that, it’s something you should seriously consider. If you are not willing to take big risks, you can’t expect big rewards.

I’m not much of a gambler in the literal sense. I occasionally buy a lotto ticket, but I’m not much fun in a Casino. I’ll sit on a penny machine, bored out of my mind for all of five minutes, because I’m not willing to risk much money hoping to win. 

In those instances, I don’t expect to win so I don’t risk...

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The Cost of Keeping a Job You Hate


Would you rather be an entrepreneur, doing what you love but not making much money or would you rather work for someone doing something you hate but making a lot of money?

I asked this question on Instagram today.

Pretty much everyone who responded said that they would rather be an entrepreneur. The money doesn’t really matter when it comes to peace and the freedom of being your own boss.

So what are people to do when they want to be entrepreneurs but happen to really hate what they do for a living? First of all, I can definitely relate to feeling like this. Working a job you hate can cause you to feel depressed, stressed, and a shitty mess—no matter how much it pays. 

Let’s look at how that job you hate is really affecting your life, and again, I have first hand experience with this topic.

You’re probably not giving the job your all. You probably go to work and half ass it just enough to keep getting a paycheck. Your password to everything at...

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