Does Success Require Passion?

To grow my Instagram following without having to spend money on ads, I try to engage, as much as possible, with other pages. I ask questions on my page, I reply to comments and I regularly peruse through hashtags to comment and like posts from people I’m not following. 

Recently, as I was perusing hashtags, I came across a post from someone that said something like this…

I don’t like basketball, but I want to own a team in the NBA.
I hate watching Big Brother on CBS, but I would like to own the show.
I don’t like coffee but I want to buy a Starbucks.
The #1 rule to business is profitability. People make the mistake of thinking they have to love the business. Make the money first, then fund your hobby.

If that’s not the dumbest shit I’ve read all week! Does this fool not watch Sharktank?

First of all, if you have enough money to buy any of those businesses, then I would hope you would be smart enough to know not to buy a business you hate.

The problem with the theory in that post is that, most people don’t have the money to go around buying those types of business, and they definitely don’t have money to just throw away buying businesses that they hate. Most people start with nothing.

If you’re starting a business from scratch, using limited financial resources, you need to love what you do. There is absolutely no doubt that you will have all kinds of struggles and problems as you grow your business. You will have to work for your business from sun up to sun down, every day, all day. If you don’t love what you do, you will certainly get burned out and you’ll give up.

Your passion for your business is what will keep you going when nothing is working and no one is checking for you. Your love for what you do is how you’ll fight to stay open when your business isn’t making any money.

You’ll have to sacrifice things for your business and that will be impossible to do if you don’t absolutely love your business. 

Do you love going out with friends? Well, you’re going to have to love your business more.

Do you love regularly going out on dates with your significant other? Well, you’re going to have to love your business more. 

Do you love laying around in your underwear binge watching your favorite shows? Well, you’re going to have to love your business more!

Do you love sleep? You know what I’m about to say. You’re going to have to love your business more!

Being an entrepreneur is a labor of love. It’s not something that you can just walk into and throw money at in order to become successful. If you don’t believe in your product or service, there’s no reason you should be going into business trying to sell that product or service to other people.

It’s super easy to fail as an entrepreneur. Thousands do every week. It’s super easy to run a business into the ground. Businesses close left and right. It’s super easy to blow through thousands, and I’m sure, millions of dollars — just watch one episode of The Lottery Changed My Life.

Never fall for that okie doke that says that you don’t need to love what you do to build a successful business. I mean, I’m sure that it’s possible to do so — anything is possible — but why would you put yourself through the torture of forcing yourself to do something with the commitment that you need to start and run a business, when that’s not what you want to do?

The point of starting a business is to stop having to do things you don’t want to do. If you’re only focused on money, good luck to ya but you might struggle finding success for a long ass time.

Do what you’re passionate about, because it’s much easier to fight for what you love than it is to fight for something you hate.

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