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Student Testimonials

BYOB School has helped over 4,000 entrepreneurs start and grow their online business!


"The course has been PHENOMENAL!  The content is valuable and the format is very user friendly.  I often see these courses advertised on social media and I  was reluctant and apprehensive about the validity and value of them.  But I’m so happy that I decided to move forward with your course."

- Keta's Closet


"I love how you get right to the point and so interactive. It makes listening and watching interesting and motivating."

- Helen


"I am amazed at how much information is in this course. This information is definitely worth thousands of dollars. I'm starting my business now and the instructions have changed everything for me. I was lost until I got this course. Now I feel like I know what I'm doing."

- Celeste H.


"Dropshipping Mastery is bomb! I give it 5 stars! If you want to start Drop shipping take the course!"

- Derrick S.


"You don't know how much this already helped me be a better entrepreneur."

- Arel M.


"I just purchased you $10 course to be on the safe side some people are scams but I see your not I learned a lot in that little time."

- Everbody Loves Kev


"I just bought your t-shirt course. You the 🔌"

- Infinite Wave


"I took the startup 101 course and it was a good experience for me and help me learn the foundation of starting a business and the different type of businesses I can run."

- Peacebypeace09


"Great course and easy to follow. I loved the length of the videos as they were informative but not too long. Loved the step by step tutorial."

- Nygel J., @Custom_Essentials_ATX


"Ive actually learned a lot from the course I have a Branded website on Ecwid that is ready for launch im so excited and want to thank you for the detailed course on how to get started..."

- Lavery B., Harmless Black

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