Stay Motivated - Hang In There, Introvert

Yesterday, I gave you all the 4 week update to my One Bold Action Per Day commitment. Since I’m always talking about pushing past your fears and going for what you know in life, I want to be sure I am giving you all a full picture of the good and the not so good.

The beginning of my week was pretty rough. My introversion was in extra full force. Recording my podcast wasn’t a problem, but posting videos on Instagram was a real struggle. Every morning I woke up with a very strong desire to delete my IG account and crawl back into a cave. 

I second guessed everything. Typically, I won’t listen to my podcast episodes once I post them, nor will I read my blog posts, nor will I watch my IGTV videos. But I did all those things this week. Over and over. 

Now, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to review your content. If you’re reviewing it to get new ideas or see where you can improve, great. If you’re reviewing it to be overly critical and feed your self doubt, not so much. I was doing the latter. 

So I had to kick it into overdrive to stay motivated. I pulled out every trick in the book to calm the panic in my head that told me to SHUT IT TF DOWN. I thought sharing some of the things I did to stay motivated could possibly help you should you find yourself in this same position.

First, I ignored any desire to retreat by charging forward in spite of the way I was feeling. This was tough to do, but every day after I recorded and posted my IGTV videos, I felt much better.

Secondly, I made sure I took time to go the gym and get a good workout in daily. For me, working out is like therapy, so I always feel refreshed and clear headed afterward. 

Next, I made extra effort to find things that inspired me. I watched videos by people I admire, I read articles that told stories of triumph, and I consumed as much positivity as possible. I figured if I flood my brain with positive things, I could get myself back to where I needed to be.

Then I thought about all the progress I’ve made and how great it makes me feel to know that I might be helping someone else by sharing my message. That’s always very motivating to me, so I remind myself of it often.

Lastly, I remembered my vision. I thought about what it is that I want from this and why. Envisioning the life I want to create for myself versus staying the same reminds me that what I’m doing is too important to even consider giving up.

So if you are (or were) really afraid but decide(d) to take the leap and pursue what you dream of doing anyway, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up feeling like I did this week. You too may have to fight the urge to regress back into your former self. Don’t do it. See if some of the things I did help you. Most importantly, remember the reason you started your journey in the first place.

If this helped you, feel free to hit me up on Instagram or Facebook and let me know.

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