Sometimes Being Stupid is the Smartest Thing You Can Do

Do you remember a time in life when you were really stupid? I mean, like you can think back to some of the things you used to do and wonder how you even survived?

I feel like that when I think back to my 20s. I want to say that I thought I knew everything there was to know about life, but honestly, I think I was aware that I knew nothing about life. That’s what inspired me.

When I was in my 20s, I had a burning desire to learn more about life. I grew up in a small city with a population of around 250,000 people, at the time, and I desperately wanted to get out of that city to see what the world had to offer. 

I wanted to experience another way of life, and not just be limited to what I knew growing up, so I decided to leave. I moved to another city. That’s pretty commendable, and I’m proud of that, but here’s the stupid part. I was flat ass broke when I moved.

I had found a job prior to moving, but on the day that I was to leave my hometown, I had about $40 in my pocket. I wasn’t even sure if that was enough for gas, but I was so determined to leave that I didn’t care. 

At that time in my life, I didn’t have some of the brakes that would keep me from careening off a cliff. I wasn’t scared to do bold things. Or at least, when I was, I didn’t let it stop me.

As crazy as I think that decision was, it worked out for me. I think one of the best things that I could have done for my own personal growth in life was to move away from my home town.

To this day, I still find myself thinking of that time in my life and using that experience as motivation when I’m doing something that I find hard or scary. Sometimes, I have to channel my inner twenty-something stupidity to get through things that frighten me.

And that’s the great part about being able to tap into that part of your experiences in life. Oftentimes, our own intelligence can get in our way. We analyze and think of every possible scenario, when taking action is really what’s more important in that particular instance.

So can you think back to a time that you were stupid in a way that you’re now proud of or a time that you were so fearless that you accomplished something major and you can’t believe that you survived it? Most people have a story or two that comes right to the forefront of their minds.

When you find yourself afraid of something that you want to do or accomplish, channel your inner stupid that helped you get through the experiences of your past. Sometimes being stupid is the smartest thing you can do!

What scary thing have you accomplished from being stupidly fearless? Find me on Instagram or Facebook and let me know.

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