8 Sources for Free Stock Images for Your Business

One way of connecting with potential customers is through the images you use on your website and in your marketing.

All too often, I see entrepreneurs confused about why they aren't getting any sales when the images on their website have nothing to do with what they're trying to sell OR the people they're trying to sell to.

Just grabbing photos from Google won't do. Plus it could get you in trouble if you don't have legal permission to use the image.

Check out the sites on this list. They all offer free, high-quality stock images for commercial use.

That means, you can use them for your business for free depending on how you're using them (always read licensing requirements before use).

1. Unsplash.com

2. Pexels.com

3. Pixabay.com

4. Stocksnap.io

5. NegativeSpace.co

6. Gratisography.com

7. PicJumbo.com

8. KaboomPics.com

Use these resources to find images your audience will connect with and see themselves in. If you can't find anything here, get creative and take your own.

9 times out of 9, if you can evoke an emotional connection between you and your potential customers, at some point, you can win the sale!

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